The Silverstone Port

The Silverstone Port is the most recent of the port areas and it is being strongly developed. The aim is to develop the Silverstone Port into a complementary deep port, supporting the Deep Port on the other side of the harbour basin. Mainly so called light bulk, such as limestone and raw materials for fertilizers, is handled in the Silverstone Port. The lay-out of this port area has been also designed to support the competitive pricing of Port of Kokkola.

The capacity of the Silverstone Port has been improved by the construction of embankments and by lengthening the quay to a total of 317 metres. The crane capacity of the port area has been considerably enhanced. New field areas in the Silverstone Port have recently be covered with asphalt. Embanked areas are constantly being filled in and new field areas will be introduced into productive use in the near future. Plans are to also equip the port area with covered warehouses (see attached picture showing the future development plans).

The Quays

Length Draft
Silverstone Quay 1
160 m 9.5 m
Silverstone Quay 2
157 m 11 m
317 m

The Cranes

Hoisting capacity
Gottwald Crane Model 7
140 ton
Silverstone Crane
10 ton
Big Ida (Iso-Iita)
40 ton
Mantsinen 120
20 ton

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