KIP – Kokkola Industrial Park

KIP is the largest concentration of non-organic chemical production facilities in Northern Europe. Originally two major companies were active in the area, Outokumpu and Kemira. Over the years the structure and ownership of the companies has changed considerably, and today more than 60 enterprises are active in the area, employing directly about 2,000 persons.

The strong development of the companies established in the Industrial Park has impacted the growth of the cargo volumes through Port of Kokkola. The outlook for the future of the companies is also bright. Only in the years 2012 and 2013 the companies established in the Kokkola Industrial Park have announced having made additional investments of a total of 110 million euro. There are still land areas for new investments in enlarged facilities, as well as for new actors.

In the vicinity of the Industrial Park the newly opened Port Tower provides centralized services to the companies in the Industrial Park and their clients. All truck traffic to the Industrial Park passes the Port Tower, unless otherwise directed. Visitors are also invited to register with the Port Tower, where admission passes are given to the final destination.


Development Manager Jonne Sandberg
City of Kokkola
Tel. +358 6 828 9111, mobile +358 44 7809 093,