The Deep Port

The development of the Deep Port has been going on for more than ten years, requiring major investments.  The Deep Port has a capacity of about seven million tons per annum, and it has been specially designed for handling bulk cargoes.

In the Deep Port so called dark bulk cargoes, such as various raw materials for the steel industry, are handled.

The investments in the deep quays and the deep access channel have resulted in considerable savings for the clients in the form of lower freight costs per ton on the large Panamax and Cape Size class vessels. The large vessels and the big cargo volumes require efficient loading and discharging systems. The efficient 40 and 50 ton cranes and the covered transport systems provide fast handling speed in the Deep Port, making daily loading and discharging rates of up to 40,000 tons possible. The method used for loading vessels in the port of Kokkola is unique in Finland.

The Deep Port project was initiated in the end of the 1980′s. The strongest development has taken place in the beginning of this century. Up to now 1,100 meters of new quays, 26.4 hectares of new field areas, 35,000 m2 of new covered warehousing facilities and a covering transport system have been constructed, and seven cranes, of which the biggest are 50 ton Cape Size cranes, have been installed, all designed for to serve loading and discharging of vessels. The Rail Wagon Tippler Terminal (RWTT) is also located in the Deep Port.

The Quays

Length  Draft
Chemicals Quay (7)
140 m 9.5 m
Boliden Quay (8)
100 m 9.5 m
Deep Quay (9)
180 m 11.0 m
Deep Quay (10,11,12) 626 m 13.0 m
TOTAL 1,266 m

The Cranes

Hoisting capacity
Mantsinen 120
20 ton
28 ton
Transporter loader
abt. 1,000 ton/h
Atlant 1
40 ton
Atlant 2
40 ton
50 ton
Hamburg 1
40 ton


Const.year Area Type Facilities
Warehouse 1 1989 4,920 m² Dry Bulk Transporters for bulk cargo in the warehouse
Warehouse 2 1990 4,920 m² Dry Bulk Transporters for bulk cargo in the warehouse
Warehouse 3 1990 4,920 m² Dry Bulk Transporters for bulk cargo in the warehouse
Warehouse 4 1995 9,050 m² Terminal Railway tracks inside the terminal
Warehouse 5 1998 6,710 m² Terminal Four separate compartments. Heated warehouse
Warehouse 6 2007 5,000 m² Dry bulk Four separate compartments. Heated warehouse
TOTAL 35,000

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