Port areas

An efficient entity consisting of three different port sectors

The General Port, the Deep Port and the Silverstone Port form an efficient entity; because of this the clients are offered a total transport package in line with their needs. The diverse service functions of the port enable the port to offer tailor made services according to the wishes and requirements of the individual client.

Port areas offered and developed by port of Kokkola

General Port Silverstone Port Deep Port Total
Present areas 35.1 ha 3.9 ha 26.4 ha 65.4 ha
Areas under development 19.2 ha 28.0 ha 23.9 ha 71.1 ha
Water areas 206.0 ha 105.56 ha 99.3 ha 440.86 ha
Total 260.3 ha 137.46 ha 149.6 ha 547.36 ha

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